In addition to offering many programs throughout the year to teach new fiber arts techniques, the guild also has its own library of fiber arts books and DVDs.  The library is housed in Swinney Homestead, where our meetings our held.  The library is opened at 6:30 p.m. on guild meeting days.  See the Librarian, Holly Bir, for more information.

Guild Spinning Wheel Rental

Also, the guild offers spinning wheel rental to its members.  Members wishing to borrow the guild wheel must be in good standing (dues paid and contact information on record) and have attended three consecutive meetings.  A $50 deposit is required, along with a $10 monthly rental fee.  The deposit will be refunded as long as the wheel has been returned clean, undamaged, and in good working order.  The renter is responsible for any damage that occurred during their possession.  If the wheel is stolen or broken beyond repair, the renter is responsible for the replacement cost.  The guild wheel is rented on a monthly basis and must be brought to the following meeting.  A person may renew rental if no one is in line to rent next.


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