Member Photos – The Richert’s Ranch

Our guild members are so diverse in every way and we have invited guild members to share their photos of what they do.  For our next guild meeting we will be meeting at the Richert’s Ranch outside Fort Wayne to tour their farm and see what they do. They have shared some wonderful pictures here of just a few of their fiber friends.

Alaina and Sabrina with a few lambs; look at those legs!  The girls are raising Suffolk and Lincoln Longwool sheep, and also breeding their very own “Lincolnfolk” variety, combining the best qualities of the two breeds.  In addition to sheep, they also raise chickens, turkeys, cows, and goats.








This is Bernadette with her new lamb, Galadrial.








Curley’s award winning fleece.


Here are some Lincoln Longwool locks  that the girls have dyed. Note the 9 inch staple length of the fibers! These sheep grow an inch of wool a month and can be sheared once or twice a year. The fiber also has a wonder luster, is incredibly strong, and felts very easily.









Below are balls of wool roving that are dyed and ready to spin!  And to your right is the one and onlyCutie Pie, Suffolk  sheep ambassador extraordinaire! Cutie Pie spent her 2011 summer at Salomon Farm’s Farmin’ Fun Day Camp spreading the love in her very own wooly way.


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One Response to “Member Photos – The Richert’s Ranch”

  1. Now I have seen yet another breed of new sheep.Did notice the long legs.

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