January Guild Meeting

It was a packed room at the Swinney Homestead last night, full of the gentle hum of many wheels as we commenced our first guild meeting of 2012. There were many new faces so we started with a round of introductions. I am continually and pleasantly surprised at the multitude of talent that the various guild members bring, and always learn something new. We discussed taking a trip to Manchester College to see an exhibit of eighteenth and nineteenth century images of the spinning wheel, called Spinning a Story. There was plenty of interest and we set a tentative date of March 4 for the trip. We also talked about upcoming fiber events which will be posted in the events section.

Show and Tell is always a treat and I will try to take some pictures in the future; You will have to imagine the feel of Merino, Yak, Alpaca, and all the other luscious fibers that inspire our membership! We ended the night with spinning, visiting, and a lovely ball of roving for a door prize donated by Wooly Knob Fiber Mill.

It’s exciting to see the interest in spinning and fiber arts grow, and the diversity of the people who make up the Flax and Fleecers Spinning Guild.


~ by flaxandfleecers on January 11, 2012.

One Response to “January Guild Meeting”

  1. Greetings Spinners, Weavers and Knitters,
    How exciting to have found you.
    We will be planting flax here in central Indiana very soon. It should be available (totally raw stage) about 3 months later (+- 2 weeks).
    We are wondering if anyone in your group is looking for a source of flax. The fibres we grow range from 24″ to 36″.
    It can generally be spun on ANY wheel (don’t let people trick you into buying a “special” flax wheel) The only necessity is that its spun ratio is very low or slow: that is a low spin/ foot ratio to maintain its strength.There’s probably a more technical description of that, but almost every wheel can be used or modified to spin flax correctly.

    Thanks for reading and I hope to meet your group in person sometime this summer.


    When emailing me, put Flax in the subject line, so that I dont delete your mail, please

    (follow-up comments will also come to me via email)

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